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What is the average energy bill in the UK?

For homeowners considering a switch in energy providers, there are always tempting offers out there on the table. Solar power and renewable energy sources for domestic households have become more attainable in recent years. Energy prices are always rising year in year out, so choosing solar is a no brainer.

The good news is that there are now lots of green energy companies to choose from. Including Bulb, Octopus Energy, OVO and many more. These companies are there to power your energy needs with 100% renewable energy and will complement your solar and battery systems to make you fully green.

Average energy bills

Every house needs electricity to run, and a vast majority of households in the UK rely on gas alongside it. With this in mind, we are all aware of what our energy is costing us on an annual basis, and it is obvious that energy prices have continued to rise at a steady rate in recent years. According to Ofgem (the energy industry watchdog in the UK), the latest energy bill figures from 2018, show that the average household energy bill for a dual fuel (gas and electricity) on a variable tariff was £1,138 a year. This equates to £93.83 each month. 

Your electricity costs will be slightly higher than the gas, but when it comes to average prices it is important to think about your specific situation and the energy that you use at home. Also bear in mind that from the beginning of 2020 onwards, we have seen many more people stuck at home for large portions of time due to lockdown, so the figures for 2020 will be interesting as you can expect prices to have risen even further due to a higher use of energy across the board. Ofgem found that the cheapest tariff in 2018 was £788 a year, which indicates that we are all paying too much for our energy. 

Will solar power reduce my energy bills?

Generating your own electricity is a smart option to consider, as electricity prices are rising all the time. The reduction in energy bills will depend on the size of your house and your current energy usage, as well as how many solar panels you have installed. Your solar panel system could be used to power your home for a portion of the day during sunlight hours and can also be stored in batteries for later use, but there will be times when you are likely to use a traditional source. However, this portion of your energy use covered by solar power could drastically cut your electricity bill. There is also the chance to sell back any surplus electricity created by your solar panel system, to the grid.

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