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How much does a solar battery storage system cost

For any homeowner looking at options for low-carbon heating systems and other ways to power their properties, solar power will always be one of the most fascinating and popular options, as it allows you to take control of your energy consumption and use the power of the sun to power your home without reliance on traditional energy suppliers. 

Questions that often come up when people investigate solar power though, is what a solar battery is and how do solar batteries work to improve the solar energy consumption of your home?

What is a solar battery?

The idea of solar panels is that any electricity that is created during daylight hours can be used to power your home, or portions of your home. Some people use solar panel systems to power certain appliances or just certain sections of a house or business, others like to use solar power for everything. What happens though once the sun goes down? You can’t use solar power then as there is no new energy being created.

A solar battery is connected to your solar panel system and collects energy that is created during the day. This could be everything that is created or any surplus on top of what you use during the day. This solar energy is then stored to be used at a later date, whether that is the same day in the evening once the sun has gone down or a different day entirely. Installation of a solar battery is a great way to increase your independence in terms of energy consumption. 

How does the installation of a solar battery work?

Solar batteries are usually the size of small carry-on hand luggage that you would expect to take on a flight abroad. They must be installed somewhere in the house, connected to the solar panel system. This could be in your utility room, garage (contact garage door repair klein for any fixing the damages), in the attic, or even under the stairs. You can read this post here as it can help you to find an expert to get your home attic done.The professional installer will help you decide the best location. You do not need solar batteries to have solar panels installed at your home, but it does provide you with a safe place to store energy generated in your home, rather than exporting back to the grid.

How much will a solar battery cost me?

Solar batteries can be installed alongside your solar panels, with solar batteries becoming more affordable we find that 80% of our customers who purchase solar panels will purchase a solar battery. There are different companies who supply the solar batteries but they all pretty much do the same thing. You will find companies who use your battery to sell energy back to the grid. We find the average size battery is around 4.8kWh - 13Kwh, choosing the right size battery would depend on how much solar you use and generate. Usually customers with electric cars go for the bigger sized battery. Pricing varies depending on the size of your battery.

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