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Can you save money by switching energy providers?

Every single one of us wants to save money on our energy bills. It is one aspect of our lives where it can sometimes feel like we are being held over a barrel. We need electricity to run our homes and daily lives, and the price is what it is. It isn’t that simple though, and whether you just want to switch energy suppliers or move to a domestic renewable energy source, there are viable choices out there for you.

How can I switch energy provider?

All you need to do is find an energy supplier that fits your needs and energy use. Make a note of your current energy usage and look at where you can find the best deal. You might want to use an energy supplier that focuses on renewable energy to source your electricity, or it might be as simple as finding the cheapest tariff to you at this moment in time. Others want flexibility to switch without compensation in future, or for a fixed tariff for a set period of time to guard against fluctuating energy bills.

Some people put off switching providers because it seems like too much faff, but it could save you money on your energy bills. The average time it takes to switch providers is between 16 and 18 days, and you won’t have any disruption to your supply, with the switch happening automatically. All you need to do is provide a final reading to your old supplier and a first reading to your new supplier on the date the switch becomes official.

Can I save money by installing solar panels at my home?

A great way to save money when switching energy provider is to think about moving towards a low-carbon heating system for your home and/or solar panels to power your home. The installation of solar panel systems has seemed prohibitive for many homeowners in the past, but with the Green Homes Grant, you can apply for vouchers that cover a large proportion of the installation cost. 

With this in mind, solar panel systems can save you a significant amount of money when compared with traditional energy suppliers and any surplus energy that you create can be sold back to the Grid, making you money. Aside from the cost savings to you in terms of energy bills, lowering the carbon footprint of your property with the addition of solar power, also adds value to your property. In future, should you look to sell your home or remortgage the property, you’ll find it will sell faster and at a higher value if you have taken the plunge with a renewable energy source powering the home. 

Save money on your energy bill with the Green Homes Grant

By applying for the Green Homes Grant today , you can ensure that your domestic carbon footprint is significantly reduced over the coming years. Not only that, but by installing a solar panel system or a low-carbon heating system in your home, your energy bills will reduce too. These two benefits say it all about renewable energy and the chance that we all have to make a brighter future when it comes to our energy consumption and the world around us.

The government has extended the Green Deal grants until the end of March 2021, with up to £10,000 in vouchers available to go towards materials and labour for the installation of low-carbon energy solutions. This could be the best way to make significant savings by switching your energy provider and using clean energy instead of traditional fossil fuels to power your home.

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