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Energy Bill Calculator

Our energy bill calculator is designed to help you work out the best options for your energy consumption in the future. We all know that electricity can be quite expensive at times, and by inputting some of your own personal information and figures into our energy bill calculator, you can work out the benefits of switching to solar panels to power your home and how a low-carbon heating system could be the change you need to transform your domestic energy consumption and the amount you pay for your energy.

Why use the energy bill calculator?

The solar energy bill calculator will provide you with an idea as to the benefits you would receive if you switched to a solar panel system to power your home or business. For your companies gains use the paystub generator free printable for future payments. All you need to do is input a bit of information about your current energy use and current provider and the answers will give you a fuller picture from which to make a decision. You’ll be able to see the exact savings you could make on your energy, based on the installation of the solar panel system you choose. 

The Smart Export Guarantee was brought in by the government in January 2020 and requires all energy suppliers to pay customers for any electricity that they export to the grid. For those homeowners with solar panel systems installed, this is an enticing prospect to sell back surplus energy to their energy providers. 

How does the calculator work out energy savings?

Going by the information provided about the location of your home, the roof pitch and the number of solar panels that would be installed at your property, we can put together a likely energy output of your solar energy system. From here, we can work out the likely savings to your energy bill and long-term savings as a result.

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