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How going Solar helps combat Global Warming

Global warming has been a worry for decades, but in recent years we are experiencing the extreme weather conditions that are having a massive impact on our way of life, except we did not expect this to happen to such an extent for a few decades more. There are countless examples of extreme weather patterns and devastation across the globe that are directly linked to climate change, but it is not too late to make a change for the better. 

Solar power and other sources of renewable energy sources will help us change the narrative and it is down to everyone to make those necessary changes, whether it is government and big business aiming for net zero carbon commissions or individual homes doing what they can in the form of sustainable domestic low-carbon heating systems etc.

The impact of global warming

We all know about the Paris Agreement and the aims of the governments of the world to reduce our carbon emissions as a planet. The temperature is rising, and we all need to do our best to reduce carbon emissions to stall the rising temperatures before it destroys everything.  

One glaring example of why this is so important can be seen in the severity of the Australian bush fires over the past few years. The beginning of 2020 saw the rest of the world look on in horror as the annual bush fires in Australia raged out of control in what looked like a real-life depiction of hell. It isn’t just the damage in Australia that is felt though by the bush fires, there is impact elsewhere. In New Zealand, snow and glaciers turned brown after dust from Australia travelled over to the country. It is worried that glacier melt in New Zealand would increase up to 30% as a direct impact of the dust fires.

How will solar power help?

The Australian government initiated a Renewable Energy Target in a national effort against climate change, with solar power at the very heart of the matter. With solar power taken up enthusiastically by many households in a country that famously has a lot of sunlight and warm weather, the targets were exceeded before the 2020 target. The average Australian household with a 6.6kW solar panel system installed would reduce the amount of CO2 emissions as much as if they had planted 35 trees. 

This shows that it can be achieved, and, in the UK, solar panels are effective in creating energy, even if you might not necessarily think so because of the overcast nature of our weather. 

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